New Plants Arrive anytime! If Quantity window is 0, tip, look for others in this Plant's Category.

Contact Us, If need be, a "like plant" substitution could be made!  Unless you say no to substitution.

Use email address below pertaining to, and you providing your plant order # ......... or if unsatisfied (by 24 hours), include a close-up picture of problem plant, plant name, and indicate do you want credit, or replace if the plant is available, or like substitution equal or better value.

 Helpful hints:

                  We pay for shipping, any sales tax due and packaging costs for orders $50.00 or over.  Flat charge rate of $13.00 for orders of less than $50.00.               In the event that a plant is not available after an order has been placed, a similar plant will be substituted, of equal or greater value, unless you say no to substitution at invoice order message (at top of this page).

Order confirmation

If buying for a friend, please provide their email address with invoice order number for us to confirm their order.
A confirmation email will be sent to customers after an order is placed.

When Shipped

Is to the customer's ship to address zip code, using;  USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) Plant Hardiness Zone Map, 
the plant's own Frost Zone, and unforeseen Mother Nature's Weather.
   Orders will be shipped in sync with customer's frost zone information and plant requirements,
 (various plants may be shipped separately due to their requirements) with consideration of order size.  See the Plant Hardiness Zone Map below.



Arrival  Notices

One week prior to plant shipment a reminder email alert will be sent.
 Customers may arrange for alternative delivery time if needed, (up to one month by you), 
if customer needed to be away (delay in package arrival).
Provide your order #, name, and new week block to ship(using the first day Monday date).

Please open your package as soon as it arrives at your address.
When your plant order arrives, empty your order into a clear 3 inch deep container,
 with your pond water in a sunny window until you can plant it.

(If you have pets in the home cover with a screen) (note the drowning danger for children in containers of water)


If unsatisfied with contents, please notify us in 24 hours by email:

Include a close-up picture of problem plant, plant name and invoice number, and

indicate do you want credit, or replace if the plant is available, or like substitution equal or better value.


Please send us any comments, we value our nature-loving customers.

Thank you,

~~~~~~~~Willy G. K. Jr.~~~~~~~~